Friends of NOCCA, 2015-2016

With gratitude, we acknowledge our Friends’ support and dedication to educational and artistic excellence. (Donors at the $100 level and above as of June 30, 2016.) We apologize for any errors or omissions.

$10,000 +
Ms. Joyce Schenewerk
Pro Bono Publico Foundation
Debra and Jerry Shriver
Mr. and Mrs. Warner Williams

$5,000 +
Ajax Holdings, LLC
The Keller Family Foundation
J. Edgar Monroe Foundation
James Raymond, Jr. Foundation

$2,500 +
Mr.and Mrs. Paul Candies
Mr. and Mrs. George Denegre Jr.
Tru St.

$1,000 +
Mr. and Mrs. David Little
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Frazee
Solomon Group
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Burk IV
Mr. and Mrs. R. John Despeaux Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Germer
Mr. Craig Guidry and Mr. Gary Wheat
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Hadley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kirschman
Ms. Susan Krohn and Mr. Richard Munguia
Mr. Wilfred M Kullman, Jr.
Mr. Brian Lawlor and Ms. Eleanor DeCoursey
Mr. and Mrs. Lee W. Randall
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Richard III
Jennifer Eplett and Sean Reilly
Gary Solomon Jr., Solomon Group
Superior Energy Services, Inc.
Mr. Warner Thomas
Mr. Steve Trusler
Whitney Bank

$500 +
Mr. R. Carey Bond and Mr. Henry Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Brown
Burkedale Foundation
Ms. Celeste Cahn
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Falshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Florence
Fulton Alley
Mr. and Mrs. John Hope IV
Casey Lipscomb
Michael J. Mestayer, PLC
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Oestreicher II
Mr. Roger H. Ogden and Mr. Ken Barnes
Pizza Delicious
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Poticha
Bonnie Raitt
Joey Richard
Ms. Josephine Sacabo
Mr. Lynes R. Sloss
Mr. Denman Wall
Ms. Kathryn Wasser

$250 +
Lee Adler and Robert Marks
American Aquatic Gardens
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bacon
Balcony Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. R. Carey Bond and Mr. Henry Lambert
Mrs. Shirley Trusty Corey
Mr. Max Cox
Mrs. Dana D’Anzi Touhy
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Dragon
FBT Investments
Ms. Tina Freeman and Mr. Philip Woollam
Mr. and Mrs. Britton Galloway
Jim and Maureen Heaslip
Mr. and Mrs. Russ M. Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Humphrey
Mr. Brian A. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Kearney
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kirschman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. LeBourgeois Jr.
Lee Ledbetter & Associates, APC
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Levy III
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Menard
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Murphy
Ms. Gloria Salloum Newman
Ms. Margaret Phelps
Razzle Dazzle
Dr. and Mrs. Ed Renwick
Mr. and Mrs. John Rosen
Schonekas, Evans, McGoey, & McEachin, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Stouse III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wasser
Ms. Kathryn Wasser
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wheelahan
Mrs. Claire Whitehurst
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Wolf

$100 +
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Adler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Andry
Mr. Robert Applebaum
Ms. Katie Arimura
Mr. and Mrs. N. Buckner Barkley Jr.
Mrs. Edward B. Benjamin Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Bensel
Mr. Henry Bernstein and Mr. Jerry Zachary
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A. Bright Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Britt
Burns Management Group
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cahn
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Carlisle
Mrs. Sidney Carruth
Ms. Cheryll Cash
Chevron Matching Gifts
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Conroy
Mrs. Carl M. Corbin
Mr. Sam Corenswet Jr.
Ms. Phyllis L. Cosentino
Mr. Arthur A. Crais Jr.
Dr. Richard E. Deichmann
Mr. Michael DeVidts
Mrs. Lynn Dicharry
Ms. Lin Emery
Ms. Anne Fitzhugh
Dr. and Mrs. Henry J. Folse Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Juan J. Gershanik
Gene Gillespie
Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Co.
Mrs. Susan Gundlach
Mr. William Hammack
Mrs. Maurice Handelman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Harlan
Mr. Richard Hesse
Mr. and Mrs. Ault Hootsell III
Prof. & Mrs. Oliver A. Houck
Ms. Kristie Hubbard
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Jaffe
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Jarrett
Byron and Susan Mintz Kantrow
Ms. Nancy King
Ms. Judith Kinnard and Mr. Kenneth Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh P. Lambert
Ms. Ellen Lee
Kee Lee and Sun Kim
Mrs. Rene Lehmann
Leigh and Nick Lester
Ms. Saundra Levy
Ms. Claudia Lynch
Ms. Beverly Madere
Dr. and Mrs. Joel T. Mague
Mrs. Helen J. Malin
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Marx
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Masakowski
Beth and Robert Mazur
Ms. Julie McCollam
Ms. Cynthia Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nead
Ms. Marie O’Neill
Drs. Joy and Howard Osofsky
Ms. Sally Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Reily Jr.
Helen and Levoris Roy
Dr. Calvin Drew Sanders
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Sanders
Dr. and Mrs. Randolph Sassone
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Scharfenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schenk
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Schlesinger
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Seal
Mr. Maxwell Seckel
Shlenker Family Foundation
Mr. James Shuey
Ms. Sally Shushan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Siegel
Mr. Charles Simonson
Ms. Claudette Sislo
Ms. Erlen Patricia Skelly
Ms. Lynn Smith
Ms. Sally Sorensen
Mr. John A. Stassi
The Hon. Julie Stokes and Mr. Larry Stokes
Studio WTA
Mrs. Anne R. Sutherlin
Ms. Donna Taylor
Dr. Nia Terezakis
Ms. Jacqueline Toledano
Mr. and Mrs. Will Tregre II
Mr. Hugo C. Wedemeyer
Judge Jerome Winsberg
Ms. Lizbeth Turner and Mr. Clarence Wolbrette
Ms. Yvonne Vonderhaar
Dr. and Mrs. Rand Voorhies
Mr. Denman Wall
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Weilbaecher
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Weiner
Lana and Jim Whitlow
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Winstead
Mr. and Mrs. D. Brent Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Young
J. Nilas Young, MD
Mr. Carlos L. Zervigon

Historic New Orleans Collection
The New Orleans Advocate
New Orleans Ballet Association
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Foundation
New Orleans Museum of Art
New Orleans Opera Association
Parkway Partners
Plessy & Ferguson Foundation
Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival