The NOCCA Institute


The NOCCA Institute’s Artists-in-Residence Program supports long- and short-term artist residencies, hosting up to 100 artists at NOCCA every year. All visiting artists take part in the curricular segment of the program, which brings artists into NOCCA’s classrooms, exposing students and faculty (including invited non-NOCCA students and faculty) to new artistic processes. A handful of visiting artists are also invited to share their work with the general public via the Institute’s CENTER STAGE concert series, the “On The Edge” gallery series, and the Creative Readings Series.

NOCCA faculty are responsible for choosing the majority of Artists-in-Residence participants. Generally speaking, visiting artists must meet two important criteria: (1) a demonstrated artistic expertise that enhances and expands NOCCA’s curriculum, and (2) a demonstrated ability to pass on that expertise in the classroom. The Visual Arts department, for example, might bring in an artist who specializes in raku pottery, or Media Arts might invite a specialist in digital animation; both residencies would build upon and expand the existing curriculum.

For a glimpse of some recent visiting artists in action, check out our latest Aspirations newsletter.