Friday, October 20: The Lamb and the Owl, an eat-with-your-hands feast at Press Street Station

On Friday, October 20, Press Street Station celebrates cooler weather and the return to enjoying food and friends outdoors. Chef Michael Doyle and his team are roasting a Mississippi lamb and pairing it with Wayward Owl beer in a DIY feast of pickles, preserves and assorted condiments.

The meal is inspired by Chef Doyle’s recent travels to Korea. It features a first course of three small, Korean-inspired plates, followed by large platters of roasted lamb and flatbreads accompanied by 23 small banchan dishes, a flight of Wayward Owl Beer, and a cordial. The meal concludes with a dessert of chocolate bark and fruit. The price for this special fall feast is $60 per person, or $45 without the beer flight. Prices do not include tax or gratuity.

“I really loved eating in Korea. Every single meal, everyone ordered together, and the panchan arrived well before, which built anticipation. We’d order a large bottle of beer and a small bottle of liquor and shoot liquor and drink beer as we waited and then as we ate,” explained Chef Michael Doyle. “Every table in the place would easily go through a quart or so of beer and a bottle of shochu per person while absolutely gorging. I’m not Korean and I don’t pretend to make that food, but the style of dining was addictive and I want to do a version of it.”

Reserve your seat at Eventbrite, or call 504-249-5622.

Eventbrite - The Lamb & the Owl: A three-course meal of Korean-inspired snacks and roasted lamb


A three-course meal of Korean-inspired snacks and roasted lamb
Friday, October 20 at Press Street Station, 5 Press Street 

  • $60 per person with a cordial and unlimited beer
  • $45 per person with water, tea, or soft drinks
  • Prices do not include tax or gratuity
  • Slight changes may be made to the menu on the basis of availability
  • Click here to reserve your seat, or call 504-249-5622.

sheep cheese, persimmon vinaigrette, spiced pecans

mustard green vinaigrette, lemon, panko

Lamb Tartare
dijon, herb oil

Roasted Lamb & Flatbreads

Persimmon Sambal
Eggplant Chutney
Smoked Eggplant Puree
Apple Butter
Papaya & Okra Relish
Tomato Salsa
Mustard Greens
Arugula Pesto
Basil Mayo
Pickled Onion
Cucumber Pickles
Pickled Okra
Pickled Apples
Curry Sweet Potatoes
Green Chile & Pecan Relish
Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette
Maple Whipped Tofu
Pickled Shiitakes

Chocolate Bark & Fruit


November 11: Fall harvest
December (date TBA): Quebecois holidays

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