Statement Regarding The Rebuilding Of Hubig’s Pies

Statement Regarding The Rebuilding Of Hubig’s Pies

The NOCCA Institute is thrilled to see that Hubig’s received its conditional use approval from the City Council today to rebuild its bakery on Press Street, between North Rampart and Burgundy Streets.

This was an essential step in the process for both Hubig’s and The NOCCA Institute — we all needed to know if a bakery would be a permitted on the Press Street site before we could move forward with any kind of purchase agreement. The NOCCA Institute remains 100% committed to its vision of Press Street as a pedestrian-friendly, tree-lined, creative promenade, and we are optimistic that we can work with Hubig’s to achieve this goal together.

Hubig’s Pies is a landmark cultural institution in our city, and we can’t wait to be eating pies again soon!

[pic via CNN]

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